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Secrets of the Shadows: Disney plus Hotstar The Freelancer Dives Deep into the ISIS World – You Won’t Sleep Tonight

Disney plus Hotstar The Freelancer

Disney plus Hotstar The Freelancer

“The Freelancer,” an explosive new series on Disney+ Hotstar India that takes a “incisive look” at the world of Islamic State (also known as ISIS), is the most recent work of Indian filmmaker Neeraj Pandey.

The Netflix original thriller series “A Ticket to Syria” by Shirish Thorat is produced by Friday Storytellers and directed by Bhav Dhulia (of “Khakee: The Bihar Chapter,” which Pandey developed). It focuses on the effort to save a little girl who was being held against her will in war-torn Syria.

Review of The Freelancer: What It’s About

After 13 years, a former cop who is now a mercenary returns to India since his best buddy committed himself in the strangest way. When he looks closely, he discovers that the deceased friend’s daughter had been tricked into getting married and had since been sent to Syria to join ISIS against her will. He accepts the assignment to free her.

Review of The Freelancer: Script Evaluation

Neeraj Pandey is interested with developing his own universe. The OTT version of him is more interested in secret agents, men in uniform, mercenaries, and a lot of travel than he is in the films he did about some suspenseful ideas. Without even joking, he is definitely normalising global visas.

The filmmaker, who recently added The Freelancer to his catalogue of online programmes, this time supports a notion that is no longer novel in Hollywood but is most likely fresh to the Indian diaspora. But doesn’t the timing seem like a really shrewd business decision? Let’s analyse.

Based on Shirish Thorat’s book Ticket To Syria: A Story About ISIS In the Maldives, the adaptation was written by Neeraj Pandey and Ritesh Shah, who also wrote the screenplay for Sardar Udham and the dialogue for Love Sonia.

It tells the story of a mercenary who usually works for anyone who will pay him, but one day decides to take on a job that is personal to him and requires him to fight the ISIS. There are more episodes to the show, which has only been released with four thus far.

Since the first four episodes serve just as a foundation for the rest of the series, one can sense the urgency with which they were released in order to capitalise on the momentum started by The Kerala Story, a needless addition to manipulative films.

Disney plus Hotstar The Freelancer opening scene shows how Neeraj Pandey is sure that people are aware of what he is producing. This has two perspectives. First, your audience knows what to expect since you know them so well, and second, you are becoming too repetitive.


You can tell by how he introduces his characters so quickly as if we already know who they are. However, he is also shrewd, so he skirts over the contentious passages with Ritesh. In order to avoid accusing anyone, he generalises and mutes the situation.

This plot now focuses more on a man with a troubled past who has become a mercenary and is out to exact revenge on his friend’s murder while also trying to save his daughter.

The flashback that successfully establishes these two men who were together through thick and thin is the most sincere section of the narrative. Establishing a connection with an otherwise clichéd world is made easier by the fictional aspect.

The creators also make sure to go a little bit further with the mannerisms of the nations under ISIS control. Although it enhances the overall viewing experience, the family’s radicalization is so ill-conceived that you never really feel like you are with them. It’s almost too abrupt. You recognise that they have been brainwashed, but how did they become so evil?

Additionally, for someone who has consumed a significant amount of Hollywood-produced content, this merely adds to the list. At one point, a character even asks, “Are there ever any mercenaries from India?” Neeraj, before the subsequent espionage, might we please take a break?

Source: Hotstar

Pandey, who previously collaborated with the streamer on the action-packed Special Ops series, is an expert in the action-crime-thriller genre and has held positions as varied as producer, director, and screenwriter in the past. Along with “A Wednesday,” “Baby,” “Naam Shabana,” and “Special 26,” his portfolio also includes the successful sports biopic “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story.” He is the showrunner and creator of Disney plus Hotstar The Freelancer

Review of The Freelancer: Outstanding Work:

Mohit Raina works hard to mould Avinash. He possesses the discipline required for this role very naturally. He gives off the impression of being a mysterious man, which is helpful for the role he portrays. But it’s during the flashbacks that he loses some of his coherence. Watching the script to see where it leads him will be interesting. But why is Avinash physically not ageing at all, art team?


Anupam Kher appears to be written as himself by Neeraj Pandey in every script. He is essentially the story’s God, controlling everything while seated in a fortified fortress. The performer does a great job in the role. The same can be said for Sushant Singh and Ayesha Raza Mishra, both of whom command the screen with ease.

The future holds much more for Kashmira Pardeshi as the show’s Aaliya; she provides a sincere performance. Additionally impressive is Navneet Malik.

Direction and music are reviewed in Disney plus Hotstar The Freelancer

With The Freelancer, director Bhav Dhulia (Khakee and Rangbaaz) demonstrates his preference for dramatics above nuance. The aesthetics of Neeraj Pandey complement Dhulia’s dramatic vision. The majority of the time, this works, but never. We are shown the family’s harrowing voyage from Istanbul to Syria and what happens afterwards, but who is telling this tale? Whom are we viewing from? Numerous scenes appear to have considerably less effect than they should since the grip is slack.

Although it is a constant, the music is not a major component in the initial episodes. Let’s see if the remaining episodes contain any magic.

Disney plus Hotstar The Freelancer: Closing Remarks

Disney plus Hotstar The Freelancer is yet another espionage-themed show from Neeraj Pandey, and he needs a break.




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