Sharmila Oswal’s Millet Food Revolution: Discover the Shocking Secrets Behind the Millet Phenomenon

Sharmila Oswal's Millet Food Revolution

Sharmila Oswal’s Millet Food Revolution

Explore Sharmila Oswal’s Millet Food Revolution and uncover the incredible story behind her mission to revive millet’s popularity. Learn how she transformed this ancient grain into modern delicacies! Dive into the millet phenomenon now.

Sharmila owsal Millet food revolution business: Let us tell you that Sharmila Oswal has been honored by Shri Narendra Modi ji in Mann Ki Baat, Sharmila Oswal is the founder of Gudmom by 1organic Millet food brand. She is responsible for spreading millet food i.e. millet and furthering its cultivation. Has also been honored with many awards.

Sharmila Oswal is also known as millet woman. Let us tell you that Sharmila Oswal has been working in the field of millet farming for 2 decades. Sharmila Oswal is an enthusiastic advocate for the promotion of organic agriculture and market.

What is millet food? How many types of millet are there?

(Sharmila Oswal’s Millet Food Revolution)

Millet is called “Bajra” in Hindi. Millet is considered a food item since ancient times and in ancient times, people used to cultivate it because it was in high demand at that time. People used to make bread from it and eat it.

You must have heard that in Rajasthan or Maharashtra, roti is made from millet and maize and mostly our grandparents used to eat it. You must have heard all this from today’s youth.

There are many species of Millet like Finger Millet, Jowar Millet, Pearl Bazar, Chhota Bazar, Ragi, Amarnath Bazar etc. (Sharmila Oswal’s Millet Food Revolution)

It also has some minor species like Kangni, Sama, Utki, Chena etc. Most of the nutritional nutrients are found in these species which Also, the person who has been eating millet since childhood cannot get any kind of disease easily.

You must have seen how many diseases were spread during the time of Covid-19, but the people who were eating millet since old time did not suffer from any kind of disease. Hui.

Millet food How did the cultivation of millet start decreasing?

The cultivation of millet used to be very high in the old times because the demand for millet was high at that time.

At that time people used to eat millet bread and different types of dishes made from millet, but as per the time people started moving towards millet. It was from that time that the perspective started changing.

When the Green Revolution came in 1960 and farmers started paying more attention to the production of wheat, due to the production of wheat, people became more dependent on wheat and till date the cultivation of wheat and rice is increasing and the cultivation of millet has started decreasing.

Everyone’s attention started turning towards wheat and rice, even today you must be hearing from the youth that our grandparents used to eat millet roti, and in today’s time the youth like millet very little.

Due to this, its demand also started decreasing due to which farmers started reducing its cultivation.

Sharmila Oswal’s Millet Food Revolution described Millet cultivation as climate friendly.

Sharmila Oswal told that the cultivation of millet is environment friendly, it can be grown properly even in a place with less water, if you are familiar then you must have heard that market bread is eaten more in Rajasthan, it also means that millet is used in Rajasthan. Bazaar is also cultivated more in Rajasthan. Even in case of less water, Bazaar is grown well and in large quantities here.

Sharmila Oswal told that 4000 liters of water is required to grow 1 kg of rice, but we do not need that much water to grow market. In market cultivation, watering is required only once.

How Sharmila Oswal’s Millet Food Revolution saved Millet food cultivation

Sharmila Oswal told that if you give millet roti to today’s youth to eat, they will refuse it and say that only our grandparents used to eat it, but they came up with a new recipe for it, they made millet poha. , Started making millet pizza, millet chips, millet rice, millet popcorn etc.

Sharmila Oswal's Millet Food Revolution

Sharmila Oswal’s Millet Food Revolution business ( its products )

o Gudmom Millet Almond Hearts
o Gudmom MIllet Noodles
o Gudmom Gluten Free Millet Cookies
o Gudmom Jowar Millet Crackers peri peri
o Gudmom millet pasta

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