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Shocking Google Pixel 6a Review! Is It the Ultimate Camera Phone?

Google Pixel 6a Review

Google Pixel 6a Review

To make any phone work in the market, one has to pay attention to many other essential details along with the best phone in the market along with the best quality processor and any phone has made its command on only one thing.

So, there is still a lot of hope for that phone to work. If someone wants a phone for gaming, then it should have a good processor, or if someone wants a good camera, then even if a good camera is put in that phone, the phone will not work.

It works in the market, but today we are going to talk about the Google Pixel 6a phone because this phone is specially made for a camera.

Google Pixel is bringing very impressive phones in the market and this is also an excellent smartphone. And you can buy this phone at a very low cost.

Google Pixel 6a Review


Launching price: (Google Pixel 6a Review)

Google’s phone is a mid-range smartphone. It has been a long time since in the Indian market the Google Pixel 6a was launched. Google launched its phones, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro simultaneously in India.

The price of Google Pixel 6a is Rs 43,999. And the price of the Pixel 6 Pro was kept at Rs 44,000. At this price, 128GB storage with 6GB RAM was given.

Design: (Google Pixel 6a Review)

Google Pixel 6a phone may be a mid-range smartphone, but when you hold the phone in your hand, it gives you a completely premium look. It is similar to Pixel 6 pro and it comes with a solid design. If you are carrying this phone in the market, it gives a premium look, and people also feel that this phone is a premier phone.

performance: (Google Pixel 6a Review)

Pixel smartphones have a great UI. You will be able to enjoy the Pixel Experience. The phone has a 60Hz display, but it easily competes with the 90Hz display.

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The phone also has Google’s own Tensor chip, which gives flagship performance to the phone. The phone gets a little hit when using the camera for a long time.

The phone works very well compared to any other phone. On Pixel 6A, we can play BGMI on ultra graphic settings, but the phone is not designed keeping games in mind.

If you play the game for a long time, then there is every possibility that the phone will be a hit.

Google Pixel 6a Review

camera: (Google Pixel 6a Review)

Google Pixel’s phone directly competes with the OnePlus smartphone and iPhone, and this is not a rumor.

The phone has a 12MP primary lens, and the second is a 12MP ultra-wide lens. For selfies, it has an 8MP front camera. Suppose you want this 12MP camera.

If the camera seems less, then you are absolutely wrong. Compared to many smartphones that come with 50MP, this phone gives better results, and it is similar to the 12MP camera in iPhone phones. If the processor of any phone is good, then The photo also looks perfect.


Google Pixel 6a is an expensive smartphone. If you buy the phone with a card, you get a lot of discounts.

The actual price of the phone is around Rs 43900, and if you buy this phone now on Flipkart, then you will get this phone for Rs 25000.

Its price sometimes reaches Rs 29000, but the phone keeps fluctuating a lot. Android 13 and other updates will be available for two years, and security updates will be given for 5 years. Gorilla Glass 3 projection has been provided in the phone.

Battery Backup: (Google Pixel 6a Review)

Whenever you buy a phone, you think that it would be good if the battery of the phone lasts for a long time, because if there is more battery then only the phone will last longer, but in this case you may be a little disappointed, it has an average battery of 4300mah.

To charge the phone, 18W fast charging has also been supported. It may take up to 2 hours to charge the phone.

Here on this article we talked about the Google Pixel 6a Review. So get more more updated information about Google Pixel 6a Review do subscribe and get updated with all the latest information in the market.

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