About us

About us

The owners of the website The-indianews.com (also known as Theindianews) put a lot of love, effort, and attention into creating it. Information on this page is both informative and simple to understand. It also has interesting picture and video collections. Our news website is expanding rapidly and gaining popularity. For news, people frequently use their phones and the internet to access our website.

The story of us

We aimed our website to stand out from other news websites when we made the decision to create it. To learn what individuals desire, we conducted a large number of interviews and extensive study. Our main objective is to make sure users like using our website, which is why it took about a year to develop. The-indianews.com aims to provide readers with both useful information for daily living and entertaining content.

What’s Available on This Website

There is a wide variety of information on our website:

  • Information on entertainment
  • Education
  • Movies
  • Business News
  • Web series (online programmes)
  • TV programmes
  • Information on technology
  • Health and Fitness
  • Details about loans and insurance
  • How to make money
  • Mobile Phones and Gadgets
  • Knowledge of the stock market

Regarding Our Team

The individuals in our team are very significant. We are a wide bunch of bright people that genuinely want to provide you with accurate information. More people should come work with us. Send us an email if you’d like to engage with it.

Important Information: Contact us via email at asktheindianes@gmail.com if something on our website belongs to someone else and they don’t want it there.

Contact Us

You can contact us at: Email address: asktheindianes@gmail.com.

Many thanks

We want to express our gratitude to everyone.

Please keep in mind that while the material in this reduced version is intended to be clear, certain aspects may have been omitted or rephrased for clarity.


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