Exposed! Unbelievable Wealth Haryana’s Richest MP Karthikeya Sharma 390 Billion Rupees Empire

Haryana's Richest MP Karthikeya Sharma

Haryana’s Richest MP Karthikeya Sharma

The only Haryana MP with significant wealth among the 14 members of the Rajya Sabha is Karthikeya Sharma. He is billion of dollars rich. He has a 390 billion rupee net worth. He also owes Rs 29 lakh in liabilities. Deepender Singh Hooda of the Congress is the second-richest MP in Haryana, according to ADR. This list also includes that.

To give you further details, let us say that Haryana’s Richest MP Karthikeya Sharma entire income is Rs 44 crore and that he owes Rs 18 lakh in debt. At position three is Rao Inderjit Singh. His liabilities total Rs 3 crore, while his total income is Rs 42 crore. The least wealthy MP is Sanjay Bhatia of Karnal. His liabilities total Rs. 5,000 and his entire assets Rs. 22 lakh.

Haryana’s Richest MP Karthikeya Sharma is accused in three cases.

The richest politician in the world is Karthikeya Sharma. Karthikeya Sharma, a Rajya Sabha member from Haryana, is the target of three criminal investigations. However, he is not facing any major charges. No other MP from Haryana is the subject of any pending legal action.

Take a look at the overall assets, liabilities, cases, and income here. Karthikeya Sharma 390 billion 29 billion 390 billion Inderdeep Singh Hooda 44 billion 18 million 00 74 million

Raoindrajit 42 billion three billion one billion Richard Sharma 4 billion 1 billion 00 23 lakh Vats, Devendra Pal 3 billion 005 million Saini, Nayab Singh 3.57 billion, 00.33 billion Bhatia, Sanjay 22,000,000, 500,000, ONE MILLION

Krishnapal 36 billion ten billion zero million Rameshchandra Kaushik 23 billion, 000,000,175,000 Brijendra Singh’s net worth is $14,2,000,000. Sharma Dharmbir 6 billion 2 lakh 00 13 million Jangra Ramchandra 5 crore 00 00 00 Srinath Panwar 4 billion 000.000 310.000 Duggal, Sunita 4.25 billion 00.14 billion


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FAQ: Haryana’s Richest MP Karthikeya Sharma

1. Who is Karthikeya Sharma, and why is he in the spotlight?
Karthikeya Sharma is a Member of Parliament (MP) representing Haryana in the Rajya Sabha. He has gained significant attention due to his immense wealth, making him the wealthiest MP in Haryana.

2. How wealthy is Haryana’s Richest MP Karthikeya Sharma?
Karthikeya Sharma’s net worth is a staggering 390 billion rupees, placing him in the upper echelons of wealth in India.

3. Are there any liabilities associated with Haryana’s Richest MP Karthikeya Sharma?
Yes, he has reported liabilities amounting to 29 lakh rupees.

4. What isHaryana’s Richest MP Karthikeya Sharma ‘s income?
Karthikeya Sharma’s annual income is reported to be 44 crore rupees.

5. Is Karthikeya Sharma involved in any criminal cases?
Yes, Karthikeya Sharma is facing accusations in three criminal cases; however, there are no major charges against him.

6. Who is the second-richest MP in Haryana?
Deepender Singh Hooda, a member of the Congress party, holds the position of the second-richest MP in Haryana according to the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).

7. How does Karthikeya Sharma’s wealth compare to other MPs in Haryana?
Karthikeya Sharma’s wealth far exceeds that of his fellow MPs, making him the wealthiest by a substantial margin.

8. Are there any legal issues or pending cases against other MPs from Haryana?
According to the article, no other MP from Haryana is the subject of any pending legal action.

9. What are the total assets and liabilities of some other MPs mentioned in the article?
While specific details are provided in the article, it mentions the net worth and liabilities of several other MPs from Haryana, offering a comprehensive overview of their financial status.

10. Where can I find more information about Karthikeya Sharma and other MPs’ financial details?
The article provides an in-depth look at the wealth, liabilities, and income of various MPs from Haryana. For additional details, you can refer to the original source or related reports by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).


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